December 24, 1992 – Bobby Lakind died from colon cancer

LaKind was a conga player, vocalist, songwriter and occasional live backup drummer with The Doobie Brothers. He was originally a lighting roadie for the band. After observing LaKind goofing around on the congas after a concert, the band took notice of his talent and asked him to join as a sideman for studio sessions.
LaKind grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and graduated from Teaneck High School, Class of 1963. He attended the University of Kentucky and was a member of Sigma Nu fraternity, the Animal House of UK fraternities during the 60s. Also a member of Sigma Nu fraternity during this time was basketball player and future coach, Pat Riley.
He sessioned with the band from 1976 and joined them onstage as well. He was finally invited to join the band as a full member three years before their 1982 dissolution, though he was not credited as such on record until the Farewell Tour album in 1983. When the band reformed in 1988, he rejoined and was featured on the album Cycles, but prior to recording the follow-up, he was forced into retirement by terminal cancer.
His former Doobie colleagues from the various line-ups played two concerts to benefit a trust for LaKind’s children in 1992.


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