Ed Sheeran

34 Amazing Ed Sheeran Facts

“His full name is Edward Christopher Sheeran.”

“His favorite rapper is Eminem and has said he would love to meet him one day.”

“He was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, England”

“He has a cat called Bellini, which is also ginger.”

“Ed Sheeran has sold more than 26 million albums and 100 million singles worldwide, making him one of the world’s best-selling music artists”

“Elton John is a massive Ed Sheeran fan – they dueted at the Grammy Awards.”

“Ed was accepted into the national Youth Music Theatre at the age of 15”

“Ed’s first single was ‘The A Team’ which placed number three on the UK Singles Chart.”

“He is 5′ 10″” tall.”

“Ed lists some of his musical influences as The Beatles and Van Morisson.”

“Ed Sheeran briefly dated Australian Big Brother star, Camilla Severi. They are no longer together, but remain friends.”

“Ed Sheeran began to record his own songs at a very young age. In 2005 he released The Orange Room EP and he followed this with two albums Ed Sheeran (2006) and Want Some? (2007).”

“His debut album (not including self-released records) was called +.”

“Ed shares the same birthday as Paris Hilton”

“Prince Charles is the first celebrity he ever met.”

“In 2012, Ed supported Snow Patrol on their US tour.”

“Ed Sheeran has written four songs for One Direction. There’s “Little Things”, “Moments”, “Over Again” and “18”.”

“@edsheeran is his twitter account”

“His father is is an art curator and lecturer and his mom is a jewelry designer.”

“Ed’s first guitar was given to him as a gift by his uncle”

” Ed will finally be appearing in Game Of Thrones when season seven lands in July, where he’ll sing to Maisie Williams, AKA Arya Stark. The show producers have been trying to cast him for years, but schedules never synced up properly.”

“In June 2015, Forbes listed his earnings at $57 million for the previous 12 months, and ranked him the 27th-highest-earning celebrity in the world”
“His biggest influence is Damien Rice.”

“He’s a second cousin of Gordon Burns, presenter of ’80s UK TV game show The Krypton Factor”

“‘X’ originally had the odd expletive dotted about, but ended up entirely cuss-free. “I took all of the explicit lyrics out after a taxi driver convinced me to do it for his daughter,” Sheeran revealed.”

“Ed preformed at the London Olympics closing ceremony and covered Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’.”

“All four of Ed’s guitars have names…they are Lloyd, Felix, Cyril, and Nigel.”
“His parents are Irish and English.”

“Ed’s big brother Matthew is a classical music composer”

“Amongst Sheeran’s tattoos are a ketchup bottle and a cup of tea.”

“He loves building LEGO sets, and he celebrated his album (*) going to number one in the charts by building a LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon.”

“He was born on 17th February 1991”

“His favourite board game is Monopoly”

“His fans are called Sheerios.”

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