Marilyn Manson

Best 43 Marilyn Manson Facts

“He’s held many acting roles on television shows like “”Eastbound and Down,”” “”Californication,”” and “”Sons of Anarchy.”””

“Marilyn Manson and his original band mates got their names by mashing up the first name of an iconic female sex symbol and an iconic serial killer.”
“As a child, Marilyn attended Heritage Christian School where they taught students “the kind of music they shouldn’t listen”, and unlikely he picked up Heavy Metal Music.”

“Manson participates in the Make-A-Wish foundation. In 2002 he allowed a dying fan to sing backup for his The Golden Age of the Grotesque album.”

“Marilyn Manson was born Brian Warner. He is of German and English ancestry, but grew up in the American Midwest. His mom is Episcopalian and his dad is Catholic.”

“While in Germany, Manson was denied entry to Cologne’s cathedral. He supposes it was because he was wearing lipstick.”

“Major US retailers such as Wall Mart, K-Mart, and Target once refused to sell Manson’s 1998 album “Mechanical Animals” as the cover featured Manson’s head on a naked alien’s body.”

“Manson’s mom always called him by his birth name, Brian, while his dad would refer to him as simply Manson.”

“Before becoming a rock star, Manson was pursuing a career in music journalism.”

“Manson often wears two different color contact lenses in both eyes as an homage to David Bowie’s two different sized pupils.”

“Manson has a heart condition known as Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. It causes an irregular heartbeat and has put him in the hospital multiple times.”

“Marilyn Manson is a fan of Anton Lavey who is an honorary priest in the Church of Satan”

“Manson had been nominated four times for the Grammy Awards, but he had won none of them.”

“Some people believed that he played “”Paul”” on “”The Wonder Years,”” though he and the actor Josh Saviano slightly resemble each other.”

“He used to cut himself. He says he has over 450 scars on his body.”

“Marilyn Manson band was started in 1989 and they were called Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids. In 1992, the band dropped “the Spooky Kids” part and has been known as “Marilyn Manson” since then.”

“Manson has many strange collections at his home. He collects vintage metal lunch box and has a museum of medical prosthetics and fake body parts.”

“Manson is a big fan of video games, and he sometimes brings his game console Nintendo DS with him while traveling for tours. He even lent his voice to the character Edgar in the game “Area 51””

“Manson loved to drink absinthe so much that he has his own Swiss-made absinthe, named “Mansinthe”, and it contains 66% alcohol by volume.”

“His 1996 album “”Antichrist Superstar”” came fifth in Classic Rock Magazine’s list of the 30 greatest concept albums of all time.”

“He And Johnny Depp Have Matching Tattoos”

“One of his heroes is Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx.”

“Marilyn’s mother suffered from Munchausen syndrome, which led her to believe that there was always something wrong with her. By proxy, Marilyn was taught to believe that he had an allergy to eggs and fabric softener and pneumonia. None of this was true.”

“Manson also has appeared in a number of television series such as Eastbound & Down, Sons of Anarchy, Californication, and the others.”

“Manson collects metal lunchboxes from the 40’s and 50’s. He also collects outdated medical prosthetics and other old-timey medical memorabilia.”
“Manson’s song “Killing Strangers” was inspired by Manson’s father, who was a member of the Air Force.”

“Who thought a child actor would be a bad influence on a rockstar? It was Macaulay Culkin who introduced Manson to smoking cigarettes in 2003.”
“He sometimes writes the word “”F**K”” across his face so papparazzi can’t sell photos of him.”

“Though he attending a Christian school, Manson is a minister of the Church of Satan.”

“He Is Platinum”

“Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson are long time friends. They even have matching back tattoos, and they have performed together on multiple occasions.”

“His wedding ceremony took place at the artist Gottfried Helnwein’s Castle Gurteen in Kilsheelan, County Tipperary, Ireland.”

“Manson is a huge fan of the franchise. He’s also had his music in many video games. No word on who his main character is for Mario Kart.”
“He has a collection of medical prosthetics (artificial limbs, glass eyes, etc.) and vintage metal lunch boxes.”

“He uses Christian Dior products to do his makeup.”

“Manson almost wrote the score to the 2002 remake of the “”Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”””

“Manson isn’t afraid of being in the nude. In fact, he was arrested twice for indecent exposure. You can see what he’s packing in a 1999 issue of Honcho.”

“As a child, he attended his mother’s Episcopal church, though his father was a Catholic.”

“He Has Been Engaged Three Times”

“Marilyn Manson began his painting career as a watercolor painter in 1999. He used to make five–minute concepts and sold them to drug dealers.”

“One of Manson’s hobbies is collecting disturbing items. “I have a lot of taxidermy, prosthetic limb collection, and a seven-foot tall, 100-year-old skeleton I call Ernie,” he said. On top of that, he also owns art painted by ferocious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.”

“In 1989, Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids was formed”

“Manson is of German and English descent.”

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