Bob Dylan

30 Best Bob Dylan “Black and White” Photos

Bob Dylan, Nashville Skyline, 1968 | Elliott Landy


Bob Dylan with Joan Baez, 1963


Bob Dylan as “Alias” in the movie “Pat Garrett and Billy the kid” 1973


Bob Dylan on Triumph, behind Cafe Espresso, Woodstock, NY


Daniel Kramer, ‘Bob Dylan, Standing in Studio, New York’, 1965, Staley-Wise Gallery


Bob Dylan, NYC – 1986


Bob Dylan at the Secret Sound Studio 1976 | Lynn Goldsmith


Bob Dylan Woodstock, NY (1964) Daniel Kramer


Bob Dylan plays acoustic guitar and smokes a cigarette in this headshot from September 1962 in New York City, New York.


Bob Dylan during his historic visit to London in 1966


Polka Dot—Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan at Home by Elliott Landy: Woodstock 1968


Bob Dylan on a tractor – 1965


Bob Dylan backstage


Bob Dylan in Toronto



Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan © Charlyn Zlotnik 1976


Daniel Kramer, ‘Bob Dylan, Standing in Studio, New York’, 1965








Bob Dylan Cigarette Harp by Daniel Kramer


Bob Dylan, The Traveling Wilburys




Mandatory Credit: Photo by DEZO HOFFMANN / Rex Features (250285dh)
Bob Dylan
Various – 1960s



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3 thoughts on “30 Best Bob Dylan “Black and White” Photos

  • 8th pic down you id from daniel kramer 1964 with bob neuwirth in background is I believe Forest Hills Aug. 1965. He is playing in a stadium, and there were or are no stadiums in Woodstock, are there?

  • Jillian

    Memories flood back to lighter days of my life.
    Every photo evoked an emotional response.
    This is a great collection.

  • Hilda Fernhout

    The caption underneath photo where Bob Dylan sits at a table with a chessboard is not correct
    The photo is by Daniel Kramer
    Cafe Espresso in Woodstock in 1964


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